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About this App

How to use your Personal 4N Web-App

You may need to sign-in to 4N the first time you click on an icon within this App, but once logged in, you should then just be able to use your browser "Back" button to return to the main App Home page.

Afer this all items on the home screen should work fine with just a single click of any icon.

As before, to return to the main App Home page from any 4N page just once more use the "back" button on your phone.

Please Note: You may need to press the "Back" button more than once.

Because this App works in a browser window you may add this site to your favourites as a bookmark.

Most smart-phones also allow you to add a bookmark to your phone's home screen so that you can quickly access this Web-App and easily find all your useful 4N information to hand in one place.

This Web-App was designed to be suitable for all 4N members and is provided for use free of charge.

This Web App is part sponsored by Hoop Guy Ltd a UK Business providing Hula Hooping workshops for schools across the UK as well as Hula Hooping children's parties, Weddings, Hen Parties and more.

This Web-App was designed and built by John Parnell of J.P.Web-Apps

Get in touch through our contact page to find out how you too can have a WebApp for your business.

This WebAppp was last updated on 5th November 2015.


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